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Mármoles Santo Domingo

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Mármoles Santo Domingo evolves with the times.

In Mármoles Santo Domingo we have the specialty of give a personalized treatment to the client. Our challenge is to get our customs illusions make true.




The Stone Workshop


The company was born in 1,969 thanks to its creator Antonio Ruiz-Ruano Medina. The activity beginning was firstly like an artificial stone factory and, a few years after, he introduces marbles and granites with a very few means that were getting better along the time. The installations were growing little by little according to the capacities and needing.



On June the sixth of 1997 on June the sixth the Córdoba Confederation of Managers give to Antonio Ruiz-Ruano the silver distinction for his work, prestige and managerial well making acknowledgement. 


On April the 25th, 1999, Mármoles Santo Domingo left its old instalations to fill the present ones located in Camino del Fontanal.


This new stage starts with very advanced and innovative installations. With a storage capacity that let the company one of the bigger material stock of Andalucía for a marble workshop and with a technical installations that can make a lot of derived of the stone products with the best as possible finishes.


Although  years passed, and the socio economic changes, the company still have the founder principles based in love for the work and creation like a way of life. This is the value that we transmit to our customs that is backed b y the confidence that they are giving to us and that we pleased it too much.


A special mention to the Silver Medal of the Priego City delivery on Febrery, the twenty-eighth of 2006, as an all a life dedicated to work and to the wealth creation distinction for the locality.


We are a family company, and we use that principle and value in every ambit, partner workers, suppliers and our customs.

Camino Del Fontanal, S/n
14800 Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)
957 54 15 04 / Fax 957 54 34 76