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Mármoles Santo Domingo
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45 years of service.


Since 1969 the Mármoles Santo Domingo´s company were solving our customs stone needings.


Mr Antonio Ruiz-Ruano "Ruano", the founding partner, created this business from the nothing, only with his effort and dedication.


The actual facilities was the result of this effort and were make with a quality and perspective that will last a long time.


In those years, the company had been evolving with times in a continuous form, including the new technology and getting better in a dynamic form our know how.


The likes, tendencies, new materials changes had some challanges that had been exceeded not without difficulties anda, at the end, our customs has knowed to apprecieted our effort and has gave us their trust, being by our syde.


The future will set up a great possibilityes range and the crisis that we are living teach us to see the things in a more pragmatic and realistic form. It will let us to guarantee in the sector and to change the business perspective.


Our objetive is to surprise the custom giving the more adding valour as its possible in the products that we are offering. This is our obsession and we give form en the daily efford and in our business strategy to the future.


Camino Del Fontanal, S/n
14800 Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)
957 54 15 04 / Fax 957 54 34 76