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Know the natural stone

The natural stone is a very durable inversion that give you long years of nive service.


Granite and marble stone are natural products that has been extracted from quarries all around the world. As the natural product that it is, has variations in the colour, grain, model and density that add to the material beauty and charm. The cracks, veins and fossil rests that occassionally has can appear in the stone. Are also natural characteristic of the stone. This are characteristic that create the natural stone pretty and that difference it than other materials that is trying to imitate in an industrial, artificial and uniforme way. The natural stone is an oryginal, inimitable and exclusive product that let the custom to create a single surround.


The stone is a natural product and by a very easy guideline of care will let you maintein it nice for a long time. We offer you some basic recommendations for the care and maintein in the daily cleaner:



  1. To get the correct evolve in the stone life is necessary to mantein it clean, to get that it´s enough with the periodic swept and vacuumed.  If you want to remove rests or a hot water scrub and neutral ph cleaners (we recommended homemade soap). We recommended differents elements to clean the stone than other zones, trying to avoid aggressive products rests.
  2. It´s also important to use soft products. The use of abrasive elements, like an aluminium pad or sharp things like blades than can result in scratches and lost of brightness. 
  3. For any stain type, we recomended to you that you clean or diluted with water as fast as it´s possible. A clean at time make that a spill, as aggressive it be, don´t produces on the natural stone.
  4. Any stone aggression, by serious it be, can be restaured by the technics used for our proffesionals getting the original aspect.


Remember the natural stone can be allways regenerated along the time by a surface pulishment product, getting back the previous finish.


The natural stone is a nice inversion that let you create a single, personalized and made to measure sorrounding, knowing the product to get the natural evolve through decades.


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