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Mármoles Santo Domingo
Effort, dedication and experience

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Quality and innovation

In Mármoles Santo Domingo, looking for the overcoming and quality control, we guide our efforts to get the best raw materials, the best technologies and their human resources formation, trying to get that the products made in our workshop approach excellence.  All this based in the most high quality raw materials and exquisite finishes


To get this objective, the company is based in 3 basic principles, giving the same importance to get our principal objective, the most high quality product and the best finish that it´s possible.



FIRST: Material Stock


We have one of the biggest of Andalucía stock, formed by an extensive selection of materials of the highest quality. This extensive stock let us to have a big margin to get a better custom attention. 


Our intencions are to buy the best materials of our national and international suppliers.

It let us to offer the client the possibility of chooses the raw materials and adapts it to their likes and then it will be used to make the order.




SECONDInstallation and Production Sistem


Because of the great specialization, the company has optimized its production but without ceasing to be a workshop. We have several bridge crane, cutting machines, more than ten working tables, an automatic edge polisher, and an avanced polisher and other technologies, sandblast, laser cutting, grinding lathe...


The Mármoles Santo Domingo production system is based in one of the most modern of the market machinery that can offer the most high quality product in their finishes.


In our facilities we have a Numerical Control Working Center, for the stone elaboration. These facilities can shape all kinds of forms, with more than thirty tools available and very fast and essential movements by the interpolation of four axes.


We are environmentally conscious. The company has a great sewage treatment plant and deposits that can store more than 1,000,000 liters of rain water. This water is continuously recycling by a decanting system that achieved an optimization water consumption of the 100 %.



THIRD: Human Capital.


We pay a special attention our human team. We try that our company members feel like in a great family and we bring them the best market tools and items of every moment, with propose that they can make their work with the most precision as possible.


Our technicians have a great inventiveness and willingness to solve any problem or challenge that can happen. We are in a continuous evolution by semi-automatic methods and looking for innovative products but without losing the practice point of view.

These are the three basics principles to get the maximum custom that have the opportunity of being contacted with our company satisfaction. This satisfaction comes from the product excellence and the best possible care in the service.


Camino Del Fontanal, S/n
14800 Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)
957 54 15 04 / Fax 957 54 34 76