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Mármoles Santo Domingo´s new WEB


After a year of hard works and effords and in a try to get near our customs, we have changed our corporative comany´s image and we put a virtual catalog in the red of our best products


The new design has a classic but actual image. We place our company in a tradicional product like marble can be, or modern like quartz compacts. We get to addapt our products to the more traditional and conservative likes from the most modern and innovators. We belive that our new image reflect what the comany is actually.


The web is design based in this image, in the news tendencies in our desings and the most actual technics in the contained manaigment.


With the web we put in the red one of the most completes catalog of the market in stones products, with new ideas and the best innovation and materials that our company are working.


The intention is to get that the custom forguet what a traditional marble workshop is and that he get into a decoration possibilities world for his new home.


Tradicionally, the marble works were made for cathedrals, lordly buildings… they were asociated to an important expediture only for a few persons. Our technicals get, with their inventive capacity, to get cheaper the prices of too much of our works, creating a stone element apparience that coud be very expensive, but getting cheaper in an important form without loosing their finishes quality.


We hope this commercial effort tende to generate an add valour to our customs, getting better our services and your satisfaction.





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